Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Issues





For what crimes does the OT call for capital punishment?


When Ruth 3 says that Ruth uncovered Boaz's feet, does it actually mean that she exposed him (i.e., his private parts), as in she uncovered more than just his feet?


Was Satan a worship leader in heaven?


Did a priest have a rope tied around his foot when he entered the Holy of Holies?


Is the ram in Genesis 22 (the near-sacrifice of Isaac) symbolic of human pride?


Does Proverbs 22:6, “in his own way”, mean “in his own sin”?


Is there legitimacy to the Bible Code (equidistant letter sequencing)?


Does the Bible say that a thief’s hand is supposed to be cut off?


Where in the Bible does it say that people mocked Noah when he built the Ark?


Was Terah, Abraham’s father, an idol maker?


Is it true that a musical notation system for the Old Testament was found?


Is there legitimacy to Biblical Numerology?