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What does the Bible actually say about things you commonly hear? What about those emails you get, or posts you see on FB, Twitter, or YouTube? Our mission is to address these kinds of issues.




·      Does the Bible talk about an "age of accountability"?


·      What about ghosts and spirits?


·      What does the Bible say about reparations?


·      What does the Bible say about THE DEAD?


·      How does the Bible deal with authority, submission, and rebellion?


·      Does the Bible emphasize dying and being set free from the body, or does it emphasize resurrection?


·      How does the Bible address gender issues? Does the Bible support someone going "transgender"?


·      Some argue that the Bible really doesn't address or condemn homosexuality. Is this true?


·      What does the Bible say about homosexual activity? (2021 version)


·      Exodus speaks of a man striking a pregnant woman. What are the implications?


·      Does the Bible have lists of sins? Are they only in the Old Testament? Is sexual sin really that big a deal?


·      Do Hebrew letters have spiritual meanings which you can get from Hebrew words? What about other Hebrew mystical stuff?


·      What are some silly interpretations you can find by applying meanings to Hebrew letters?


·      How did the Canon of the Bible come to be? Can we trust that we have the right books (i.e., nothing added and nothing missing)?


·      Do names in Genesis predict the coming of the Messiah?


·      Did Jews avoid travelling through Samaria in the time of Jesus?


·      Was the room used for the last supper the same as the upper room on the day of Pentecost?


·      What is your view of BLOOD MOON teaching?


·      Was Jonah alive or dead when he was in the belly of the “fish”? Some say he was dead and then resurrected.


·      Can a person get the anointing which was on people who have died if they engage in what is called grave sucking?


·      What do you think about all these Jehovah-Names of God (e.g., Jehovah-Jireh)?


·      What is your view of The Daniel Fast?


·      Was the centurion’s servant actually his same-sex lover, and is the fact that Jesus healed the servant a Biblical affirmation of homosexual relationships?


·      How do we know when or when not to apply Old Testament law?


·      What does the Bible say about homosexuality?


·      What is the Bible’s view of polygamy?


·      What does the Bible say about the people of God and military service?


·      How about some notes on civil and criminal law in the Bible?


·      Isn’t it unbiblical to judge others? In Matthew 7:1-5 Jesus taught, “Judge not, lest you be judged.” Doesn’t this mean that Christians should never criticize anyone else’s behavior, especially a Christian’s behavior?


·      Is the term “rabbi” as used in the New Testament an anachronism?


·      How does the Bible say Christians should view other religions?


·      Are all pre-millenialists dispensationalists?


·      For what crimes does the Old Testament call for capital punishment?


·      When Ruth 3 says that Ruth uncovered Boaz's feet, does it actually mean that she exposed him (i.e., his private parts), as in she uncovered more than just his feet?



·      Some say that the Bible advocates murder, infanticide, rape, child abuse, slavery, and genocide.  Is this true? And does the Bible justify jihad?


·      What are some common misunderstandings about the Christmas story, especially which make it into Christmas carols? Did Mary ride on a donkey? Who were the three kings? Is “Xmas” trying to X Jesus out of Christmas? What do angels look like? What about the star?


·      Was Satan a worship leader in heaven?


·      Did a priest have a rope tied around his foot when he entered the holy of holies?


·      Does the camel through an eye of a needle refer to a needle’s eye gate?


·      Does President Barak Obama’s name, in Hebrew, mean lightning + high place?


·      Where in the Bible does it say “cleanliness is next to godliness” or “God helps those who help themselves?


·      What about that folded “napkin” in the tomb? Does it have a special signficance?


·      Is there legitimacy to the Bible Code (equidistant letter sequencing)?


·      Is the ram in Genesis 22 (the near-sacrifice of Isaac) symbolic of human pride?


·      Does Proverbs 22:6, “in his own way”, mean “in his own sin”?


·      What is your take on “Kingdom Now” theology?


·      Why are some chapter and verse numbers in the Hebrew Bible different from English Bibles?


·      What does the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible say about how we should treat the vulnerable in society?


·      What is your opinion of “Openness Theology”?


·      Does God ever change His mind? Does God ever modify His actions as a response to humans, whether it be their turning to wickedness or repenting of sin?


·      Did Marx get his idea, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”  from Acts 4:32-37?


·      Does the Bible say that a thief’s hand is supposed to be cut off?


·      How often do various books of the New Testament use particular terms for Jesus Christ (Son of Man, Son of God, The Son/My Son, Christ, Jesus)?


·      Does the Bible indicate that God planned ahead of time every human action, or do humans have real options?


·      Where in the Bible does it say that people mocked Noah when he built the Ark?


·      Was Terah, Abraham’s father, an idol maker?


·      Is it true that a musical notation system for the Old Testament was found?


·      What does the Bible say about capital punishment?




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